5 Benefits to Using a Realtor® in 2020

“Do I really need to hire a Realtor®?”

“What do they actually do, besides showing homes and arranging paperwork?”

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why it’s truly a benefit to use a Realtor®, you’re not alone! When you hire The Lippincott Team, you can expect to have an easier, smoother transaction and access to the market in Northwest Houston that will be essential to ensuring a positive experience! Check out these 5 benefits to using The Lippincott Team, instead of trying to buy or sell a home on your own.

  1. We Have Expert Market Expertise
    We’re real estate leaders in the Northwest Houston area, and we pride ourselves on our extensive market knowledge. We constantly track past, current, and future trends and note any changes that could affect your home’s potential value. We will list your home at a price point that is attractive to your buyer, but still helps you sell for a strong price.
  2. We’ve Got Great a Network
    Don’t worry about searching out contractors, title companies, appraisers, inspectors, home repair professionals and more on your own. We’ve got an extensive network with the best professionals in their respective fields and we’ll help guide you in the right direction.
  3. Tap Into the MLS
    The Multiple Listing Service is used to list homes and find others on the market. Having your home featured on the MLS increases its exposure and the chance of selling in a timely matter.
  4. We’re Professional Mediators
    Our team will both fight for your best interest and keep your deal from falling through. Negotiations with a buyer or seller directly is difficult; having experienced agents on your side alone is a huge benefit to using a licensed Realtor®.
  5. Don’t Stress Over Paperwork
    When you work with The Lippincott Team, we will reduce and organize the many documents you need to execute your deal. Our efficiency will help save you hours of time and stress!

If it sounds like it could be time to hire a licensed real estate agent to help with your buying or selling transaction, please don’t hesitate to call Northwest Houston’s best team of Realtors® – The Lippincott Team! Call our office at 713-494-1818. We look forward to working with you!

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