Is Your Home Fire-Safe?

Is Your Home Fire-Safe?

Is Your Home Fire-Safe?

Make Sure You’re Taking These Simple Steps for a Safer Home

We’ve all seen the news about wildfires raging in other parts of the country, destroying thousands of homes and businesses in their paths. While we’re not in any immediate danger of a wildfire here in Houston, seeing these events serve as a good reminder about taking steps to fireproof your home as best as possible, especially during the holidays when fire-related instances tend to grow.

1. Install Smoke Alarms
This is critical role in fireproofing your home can help ensure your family can get out if your home is on fire. While most homes already have smoke alarms installed, properly maintaining them is up to you. Make sure you’re testing your smoke alarms often and changing the batteries routinely.

2. Keep Fire Extinguishers Close By
Strategically placed fire extinguishers around your home can help stop a fire before it gets out of hand. We suggest storing one in your kitchen area, near your fireplace, outdoor grill, or where flammables are kept in the garage. Don’t forget to check expiration dates on them; you won’t use them often – maybe never – before they expire and need to be replaced or refilled.

3. Winter Holiday Fire Safety
We decorate our homes inside and out with beautiful Christmas lights, often without checking to make sure no damage occurred while they were stored away. Be sure to inspect holiday lights each year before you put them up, and throw away light strands with pinched or frayed wires. If you have a live tree, make sure you water it daily, and avoid placing it too close to a heat source, like your fireplace or mantle with lit candles.

While these are just a few ways to get started fireproofing your home, they are all simple steps that you can do today. They won’t make you completely invulnerable to fire dangers, but you’ll be better prepared to protect your home, your loved ones and your property this holiday season. The Lippincott Team happily provides references for electricians and more to our clients! Call our office any time at 713-494-8818 to speak to one of our experienced real estate agents for more information.

Give Yourself Some Credit! How Your Score Affects You in 2018

Give Yourself Some Credit! How Your Score Affects You in 2018

You’ve found the home of your dreams… now what? One of the most important factors in securing a home loan is your credit score. Typically, a higher score increases your chance of being approved for a loan and securing a lower interest rate. When you apply for a home loan, lenders will pull your credit report and rely heavily on the information it provides.

Your report includes a record of borrowed money, your payment history, and how much open credit you have available. It highlights any bills referred to collection agencies, public record information attached to your name such as bankruptcy or tax liens, credit cards, student loans, auto loans, and other inquiries made about your credit. Lenders rely on this information to determine the likelihood that you can afford your mortgage and that you intend to repay your mortgage in a timely fashion.

Generally, the higher your credit score, the more lending options will be available to you – including lower interest rates. The average credit score is around 730; if your score is lower, you can still secure a loan, but your options will be limited and your interest rate will be higher. If your score is 600 or lower, we advise you to make a financial plan to prepare to secure a home loan. A good idea would be to invest 12-18 months repairing your credit before applying for a home loan. Rebuilding your credit will help you look more favorable to lenders in the future.

If you’re looking to secure a home loan, we have strong connections with top-notch mortgage lenders. Give The Lippincott Team a call today! 832-392-8818

Bridgeland community commits to GHBA’s charity effort

Bridgeland community commits to GHBA’s charity effort

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Bridgeland is donating a home site for the GHBA fundraiser, the Benefit Homes Project. The home will be built by Perry Homes.

Bridgeland, the Greater Houston Builders Association’s 2013 “Master Planned Development of the Year,” is not only committed to enhancing the lives of home buyers with their growing list of amenities, it also is committed to enhancing the lives of the less fortunate through their contributions to the GHBA’s fundraiser, the Benefit Homes Project.

Howard Hughes Corp., the developer of Bridgeland, has donated four home sites to this construction project during the past few years, to help raise funds for three local charities.

Texas Children’s Cancer Center, the Alzheimer’s Association and HomeAid Houston are all direct beneficiaries of the 35 year old project.

The Howard Hughes Corp.’s latest donation is a home site for the 2015 Benefit Homes Project, where Perry Homes will be the builder. Perry is donating construction management for a home it is building in the Hidden Creek section. Perry Homes will be breaking ground this month.

Each year, two to three homes are built for the project with donated land, materials, labor and services.

The luxurious homes are sold at market value and the majority of the proceeds benefits the three local charities. This fundraiser has raised more than $9 million.

Bridgeland, an 11,400-acre community managed by The Woodlands Development Co., was launched in 2006.

The community devotes 3,000 acres to open space and includes a strong retail component – including a 900-acre town center along the Grand Parkway – in its master plan.

Bridgeland is among the nation’s 20 top-selling communities. This master-planned community is located in Cypress, between U.S. 290 and I-10 on Fry Road and bisected by a segment of Grand Parkway.

“Hidden Creek exemplifies the caliber of Bridgeland,” said Peter Houghton, vice president of master-planned communities. “As northwest Houston experiences significant growth and housing demand increases, our newest section offers buyers a range of options and upscale amenities.”

Hidden Creek will introduce an extensive list of amenities, including Lakeland Village Park, a 20-acre green space that will feature an enclosed dog park, a basketball court, canoe launch and a skate park.

Additional tennis courts, picnic areas, walking trails and pavilions are also planned as well as a splash pad, playground, a year-round heated lap pool and Josey Lake, an expansive waterway that runs along the perimeter of Hidden Creek.

For more about the Project, visit or call 281-970-8970.

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The Lippincott Team and the partners that stand behind us – Better Homes and Garden Gary Greene Realtors are:

The Lippincott Team and the partners that stand behind us – Better Homes and Garden Gary Greene Realtors are:

The Lippincott Team and the partners that stand behind us – Better Homes and Garden Gary Greene Realtors are:

1.    #1 in listings taken in the entire MLS area!  38% more listings than the next highest broker.

2.    #1 in listings sold in the entire MLS area!  15% more LISTINGS SOLD than the next highest broker!

3.    #1 in buyer sales in the entire MLS area! We’ve not only sold more listings – we’ve brought more buyers’ to sellers’ this year!

4.    #1 in total transactions in the entire MLS area!  7% more sold transactions than the next highest broker!

When it comes to selling your home – we have the experience, expertise and track record to get you where you want to go!

Here’s the proof and you can download a PDF or jpeg:


Fun activities to do in Bridgeland this summer.

Fun activities to do in Bridgeland this summer.

Schools out and summer is here! Please be cautious as you are driving the neighborhood. Daytime activity around the neighborhood increases during this time of year.

The pool will be open today, Thursday, June 5 from 4pm – 9pm.

Pool Hours: June 6 through August 24

Monday – closed

Tuesday through Saturday – 10am – 9pm

Sunday – 12pm-9pm

Oak Meadow Park: Summer Hours begin Monday, June 9

Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 8am – 12pm & 4pm – 8pm

Saturday/Sunday – 10am – 8pm

(Please bring your amenity card to check out equipment at Oak Meadow Park. Equipment available: Canoes, Pedal Boats, Kayaks, Volleyball, Soccer Balls, Footballs, Discs for Disc Golf, Frisbees, Checkers, Chess, Badminton, Croquet, Fishing Poles and Tackle, Horseshoes, Bocce Ball)

Summer Events

June 7 – Splash Bash at the Pool (Pool games & DJ) 2pm – 6pm

June 20 – Movie in the Pool (Frozen-Rated PG) starts at 9pm

July 4 – Pool Party & DJ at the Pool 1pm – 7pm

July 4 – Concert at Festival Park (Punch Bowl-Party Music for all ages) 7pm-9:30pm

July 4 – Fireworks over the front lake (weather permitting)

July 18 – Movie in the Pool (The Nut Job-Rated PG) starts at 9pm

August 15 – Movie in the Pool (The Lego Movie-Rated PG) starts at 9pm

August 22 – Back to School Party at the Pool 5pm – 8pm