December 1, 2022

How To Winterize Your Home In Texas

How To Winterize Your Home In Texas It’s hard to forget Winter Storm Uri that hit Texas in February 2021. With the knowledge of Texas’ highly unpredictable winter weather possibly tucked in the back of your mind, it’s a great idea to start thinking about winterizing your home. Properly winterizing your home can help you save money, improve your systems and keep you and your family safe. Take a look at our winterizing your home checklist below.  Safety detectors. First up, make sure that all of your fire detectors are working throughout your home as most fires take place in the winter. You should have one in every room and they should be in good working order. It’s also a […]
November 3, 2022

Texas Veteran Home Buying Benefits And Programs

Texas Veteran Home Buying Benefits And Programs It’s November, and this month we’ll be celebrating America’s veterans on November 11, 2022. As we celebrate and honor members of the United States Armed Forces, it’s a good time to highlight Texas veteran home-buying program benefits and answer common questions about home-buying for Texas veterans. Let’s take a closer look at what veterans can expect when looking for property in Texas.  About The Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB)  Back in 1983, the Texas State Legislature passed a law that created the Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) and the Veterans Housing Assistance Program (VHAP) with the idea of assisting veterans who are residents of Texas in purchasing homes in a more affordable manner. […]
October 11, 2022

Getting Your Roof Replaced In The Fall

Getting Your Roof Replaced In The Fall October is officially here, and with the more pleasant weather, many people are shifting their focus to getting lingering home projects knocked off their to-do lists. Investing in a new roof can help beautify the curb appeal of your home but also ensures that you’ll get the most out of the sale of your home once it’s time to resell. Many people opt to get their roofs replaced in the Fall season in Texas following a busy and very hot summer. Although some homeowners ignore the state of their roofs for a variety of reasons, there are a number of warning signs you need a new roof that you should heed. Below is […]
September 2, 2022

Selling Your Home During The Fall Season

Selling Your Home During The Fall Season It’s almost here! Many people are waiting for the hot, sticky summer to wrap up, ushering in the cooler temps and ambience of the Fall season. September 21st marks the first official day of the Fall season, and with luck, cooler temperatures will follow. For many home buyers and sellers, the Fall season is a great time for a number of reasons. Find out more about what makes Fall such a great time to sell, how to use it to your advantage, and what you should do to prepare your home for sale. The Golden Advantages Of Fall Home-Selling  Although the Spring and Summer months are typically considered “hot” seasons for home selling, […]
August 8, 2022

Buying A Home In A Good School District

Buying A Home In A Good School District For many parents, the month of August conjures up images of school buses pulling up to bus stops and kiddos with new backpacks in tow, gearing up for their first day back to school. Beyond providing a safe environment for your children, buying a home in a good school district boasts a number of benefits. If you’re moving or on the hunt for a new home, there are probably a number of different things that are important to you, but a school district should be at the top of the list—even if you don’t have kids. Here’s why you should do due diligence when searching for homes in certain school districts.  Giving […]
June 30, 2022

Water Safety Tips For Summer

Water Safety Tips For Summer The dog days of summer are upon us with the baking temperatures of July in full swing. Cooling off by taking a dip in a pool, lake or ocean seems like the only sensible course of action when the weather gets this hot. Before taking a plunge off that diving board, it’s important to brush up on water safety measures to ensure that you and your family stay safe this summer.  Don’t go it alone. If you’re planning to hit the pool or visit the lake, make sure you don’t go it alone. Accidents happen even to the most experienced swimmers, and swimming with a buddy can ensure someone is always with you in the […]
June 6, 2022

Tips For Preparing For Hurricane Season

Tips For Preparing For Hurricane Season The summer season conjures up images of fun in the sun and relaxation, but sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas. Hurricanes are an unfortunate reality for those of us living along the Gulf Coast, and 2022 is predicted to be an active storm season. Even though hurricane season doesn’t officially begin until June 1st, there has already been a tropical disturbance reported in the Gulf near Florida. With this in mind, now is the perfect time to get you, your family, and your home prepped and ready for storm season.  Create a Hurricane Kit  When the storm warnings start, people flock to the stores and supplies can quickly dwindle. Rather than deal with the […]
May 6, 2022

Renovating Your Home During Summer

Renovating Your Home In Summer With Resale In Mind For many people, the summer season starting with the long Memorial Day weekend offers the ideal time to work on home renovation projects. If you’re thinking about working on some home renovations, it can be helpful to prioritize that list based on what renovations can have the greatest impact on the resale value of your home; especially if you’re considering selling at some point in the near future. Below are some home renovation tips from our experts. Why Summer Is The Perfect Time Because There Is Time Many people with full-time jobs often experience a reprieve from the normal hustle and bustle of the spring, fall, and winter seasons. Families with […]
April 4, 2022

What To Do Before You Sell Your Home

Tips For Selling Your Home Historically speaking, the months of March through May are great times to sell a house. Since the prime selling season is now in full swing, it may be time to get your home ready for the real estate market. Before you put it up on the market, you want to make sure your home is in tip-top shape so you can get the most out of the sale. If you’re thinking about selling, we offer some tips and advice about staging, curb appeal, landscaping, and the most critical must-do’s. Declutter and Depersonalize When it comes time to show your home to potential buyers, less is definitely more. It’s best to do a sweep of your […]