Celebration at Bridgeland HS recognizes safety milestone

Celebration at Bridgeland HS recognizes safety milestone

Celebration at Bridgeland HS recognizes safety milestone

July 28, 2016—Representatives from Gilbane Building Company and Cypress-Fairbanks ISD joined hundreds of construction workers for a lunch and milestone safety celebration in the future cafeteria of CFISD’s 12th high school, Bridgeland High School, on July 27.

Dr. Mark Henry, CFISD superintendent, commends the construction workers for their dedication to building the multi-campus site in Bridgeland. 

The celebration recognized Gilbane’s progress on the high school and elementary school No. 55, both of which will open in August 2017 and be part of a multi-campus site including a future middle school. More than 600 workers have dedicated 500,000 hours to the project and have successfully completed 353 days without an accident.

Dr. Mark Henry, CFISD superintendent of schools, addressed the workers on the construction site on House Hahl Road.

From left, IBI Group, Inc. Assistant Project Manager Ann Frankovich, CFISD Director of Project Management Jody Doebele and IBI Group, Inc. Project Manager Laura Michela attend the milestone safety celebration at Bridgeland High School on July 27. 

“This is going to be an unbelievable facility for our students to attend,” Dr. Henry said. “The opportunities our students are going to have will be unlimited. Even though brick has just started being installed, you can tell it’s going to be a beautiful facility that’s going to add a lot to the northwest side of the community.”

The 128-acre Bridgeland multi-campus site, designed by IBI Group, Inc., will be located between Mason Road and the Grand Parkway.

CFISD’s 12th high school, designed by IBI Group, Inc., and constructed by Gilbane Building Company, will open in the 2017-2018 school year between Mason Road and the Grand Parkway.

Dr. Henry commended the workers for their dedication on a large-scale project.

CFISD Elementary School No. 55 will be part of a multi-campus site in Bridgeland along with Bridgeland High School and a future middle school. 

“To go nearly a year without having an accident on a project of this magnitude is a testament to the contractor and subcontractors and how conscious they are of making sure their colleagues are taken care of,” Dr. Henry said. I commend Gilbane and all the subcontractors for taking safety seriously.”

For more information, visit: http://www.cfisd.net.

Education resource group ranks CFISD NO. 1 for second year

Education resource group ranks CFISD NO. 1 for second year

July 22, 2014—The Education Resource Group (ERG), a data-driven company that provides accountability and performance management for public schools, has for the second straight year rated Cypress-Fairbanks ISD the “Best Overall in Academic Performance & Financial Performance” in its 2012-2013 Best Practice Awards.

CFISD earned a 30.1 score in the District Productivity Index, which awards a cumulative score for Academic Achievement Index (AAI), District Performance Index (DPI) and District Financial Index (DFI).

“Cypress-Fairbanks ISD always strives for both academic and financial excellence, and we are proud to earn this ERG distinction for the second consecutive year,” said Dr. Mark Henry, superintendent of schools. “This No. 1 rating validates the commitment by our educators and Board of Trustees to maintain a quality statewide reputation for learning and living.”

CFISD ranked first in the DFI, an operating efficiency rating based on all funded expenditures for instruction, leadership, student support services and non-student support services. Its 2013 rank improved from its No. 4 ranking in 2012.

The district ranked in the 75.5 percentile in the AAI, based on STAAR test performance, four-year graduation rates, college admissions tests and college-ready graduates. The district ranked in the 85th percentile in DPI, which adjusts academic achievement with student demographics.

“What the public pays for is bang for the buck, and Cypress-Fairbanks is No. 1,” said Paul Haeberlen, ERG chief operating officer. “Cy-Fair gets the best academic outcomes for the dollar spent, and that is a highly prized position. That is the return on investment the public gets from its school district. Everybody wants to be there, but right now Cy-Fair is there.”

The goal of the Education Resource Group is to help clients develop and sustain effective and efficient organizations. The ERG analytics team provides data allowing policymakers to respond to the critical challenge from Gov. Rick Perry to “… identify those organizations whose practices contribute to high academic achievement and cost-effective operations.”

For more information, visit http://www.educationresourcegroup.com/ .