5 Incredible Benefits of a Smart Home

Smart technology has been around a while. While a home like the Jetson’s may be a ways off yet, many applications of smart technology are gaining popularity in homes. Homeowners like convenience, cost savings, and energy efficiency. A smart home can enhance all three and more.

Why Have a Smart Home

Let’s face it- life is busy. At the end of each day, you wonder where all the time went. You’re always looking for ways to save you time or make better use of the time you have. A smart home can accomplish this by automating certain common daily functions. It also provides many other benefits. Consider the following 5 ways having a smart home will enhance your life:

1) You have control.

Installing smart appliances in your home gives you control from anywhere in the world. You can use an app on your phone or other mobile devices to control activities and functions in your home wherever you are. If you realize you’ve left the oven on, for example, you can turn it off easily even if you’re on vacation. Smart appliances can reduce your stress and make life easier. You can also coordinate certain events such as your lights dimming when you turn your TV on.

2) Increased safety and security.

You can lock and unlock doors wherever you are and monitor activity inside and outside your house. You can also give visitors such as babysitters entry to your house during specific times only. Motion sensors can be installed and programmed to send you alerts when motion is detected. They can also trigger lights to come on to scare away potential burglars. You can access cameras inside and outside your home from wherever you happen to be. You can also get alerts from fire alarms and install sensors to detect small water leaks in probable areas.

3) Energy efficient.

Burners can be programmed to only turn on when a pot is placed on top. Your AC or thermostat can be programmed to adjust the temperature when you’re away to save energy. You can also make more efficient use of your water. In sum, smart technology will allow you to use your appliances with the least amount of energy necessary.

4) Cost effective.

Saving energy also saves you money. By making the most efficient use of energy consumption, you ensure you’re not spending money on wasted energy. Appliances and lights will no longer be left on when no one is using them. Efficient use of your AC and thermostat also ensures you’re not heating or cooling a house no one is currently occupying. This equates to ongoing cost savings.

5) Resale value.

While most people aren’t really looking for a futuristic, robotic house, the right smart upgrades can add to your resale value. Consumers are particularly drawn to convenience and energy/cost savings. Consider installing at least a smart thermostat, security, and lighting. When you’re selling a house, you want to impress potential buyers in every way you can. Investing in the right smart upgrades goes a long way at minimal cost.

Smart Adds Value

At the end of the day, your home is where you rest, play, eat, and grow your family. Your kids will study there. Your family will have entertainment and build memories. You will plan and dream. Why not make it as comfortable, cost-effective, and enjoyable as you can? Making the right upgrade investments will not only enhance your living experience but also add resale value. Consider making your home a smart home.

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