Staging Your House Like a Pro Without Breaking the Bank

Presenting your home in its best light to potential buyers is an essential if often overlooked, step to getting it sold. Many times sellers think the cost is too high to have their homes staged, so they forgo this expense and hope that the house will sell anyway. But staging your house doesn’t have to be expensive and it may be just the difference you need to sell your home quickly.

Set Your Home Apart From the Competition

You can take your home from average to exceptional by doing small things to give you an edge over the house down the street. Consider the following 5 tips for staging your home like a pro:

1) Add Visual Zest

A fresh bouquet of flowers is a simple way to add a nice touch when showing your home. Plants or flowers on either side of your front door are a great way to begin a tour. They can also brighten a room and make potential buyers feel welcomed and at ease. At the end of the day, everything looks and feels better with flowers.

2) Pay Attention to What’s Visible

When a potential buyer comes into your house, they’re looking at everything. Every surface, every space, and every piece of furniture. Look at your bookcases. Remove items that don’t belong. Look at every surface of every cabinet, appliance, wall, and floor. Clean and clear everywhere so it always looks and feels freshly cleaned.You don’t want them to see how you live, but to envision themselves living there.

3)  Add Style to Coffee Tables

A central area in many homes is the coffee table.When staging your house, be mindful of how your coffee table is presented. This is often one of the first places eyes are drawn to in the room. Make sure it’s clean, tidy, and in good condition. Add flowers for extra flare.

4) Consider the view from the street

It’s important to make a lasting first impression, and your home is no different. A well-mowed lawn and groomed flower beds help make that pleasing first impression that will last. Sweep your porch, trim the hedges, and wash all your windows inside and out.

5) De-clutter Everything.

Clutter makes even the cleanest room feel dirty and the biggest room feel small. Declutter your living areas, dining room, bathrooms, kitchen and even your bedrooms. Take a look at your closets and be intentional about what you leave in them. They need to look like they’re being used, but keep it tidy and don’t overstuff them with things. Also look at how much furniture you have in each room. Keep only what fits well and looks appealing.  

Sold is the Goal

Getting your home sold is the ultimate goal, and while staging your house will give it the best opportunity to sell, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get it done. By seeing your home through the prospective buyer’s eyes, you can make changes that will cost you little to nothing with great impact.

For more information on preparing your house for sale or for assistance buying or selling a home, The Lippincott Team is standing by, Contact Us.

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