How to decorate like an interior designer

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By Lee Crowder

As the Design Gallery and Model Branding Manager for Darling Homes, I’m in charge of choosing the theme, furniture and selections in our model homes. When making these types of decisions, I rely on my degree in interior design and experience in the field to ensure that visitors feel at home when they walk into one of our models.

You don’t have to be an interior designer to do this in your home, though. Here’s five ways you can make your own space feel like a model home


  • Decide on a color palette.

When I’m working on the design aesthetic for a new model home, the first thing I do is create an overall theme or color palette. I suggest you do the same thing for your home. If possible, select the theme and any paint colors before or as soon as you move in — even if you don’t paint or decorate every room immediately. By doing this, you’ll be able to stay focused and select artwork, bedding and other home accessories that match the rest of your home.

  • Plan your space efficiently.

You might think that placing furniture against the walls in your home will open up space, but in actuality it often creates a cluttered look. For ideas on how to efficiently arrange your furniture, visit a model home. They feature conversational spaces that have been planned by a professional.

  • Make a splash in the bathroom.

We love dramatic powder baths at Darling Homes. That means a deep rich color or a unique tile pattern on the floor or wall. It might be one of the smaller spaces in your home, but it can make a big impact.

  • Select the right artwork.

We want to make sure your eye is being drawn to key places in a model home. Most of the time we do that with pieces of art of that make a big impact. Instead of grouping lots of small pieces, which can appear busy and unplanned, opt for something larger. If possible, find a piece that means something to you.

  • Make it personal.

When we’re designing a model, we research who our buyers will be and make sure the home reflects their lifestyles and family needs. Your home should not be any different – it should reflect your personality and lifestyle. Don’t choose a finish or piece of furniture because you see it in a model or magazine. Choose it because you love it!

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